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1250amp Bespoke Panel Board

This was a bespoke panel board, Design and built for Scottish salmon. This was along with L&M engineering in Shetland, This Panel board was to power de-Licing equipment on board their salmon vessels. Built to the highest marine standards as this vessel’s work in very harsh environments.

250amp Bespoke Panel Board

A small 250amp marine grade panel board built to the customers specification, This was designed and built by us to suit the solution of low maintenance due to the very remote location, This was used to power a small pumping system for a loch in the west-coast of Scotland.

Mains Upgrade Domestic

Small domestic consumer unit upgrade for a landlord renting out his property, we removed the old Re-wireable fuse board and replaced it with an 18th edition consumer unit along with a EICR and Fire alarm test.


On going project at the moment, we are moving a machine shop to new premises, we are upgrading the mains supplies to allow the new machines. We are also upgrading the Lighting for energy efficient LED lighting- More Pictures to follow on completion.


Small project ongoing for a customer requiring 3phase power for a heavy industrial gate, we have designed a system that allows his 3-phase motor to run on 240v single phase as that is what is availed at his premises. All parts sourced and purchased from around Europe.

CP Repair

Repair and maintenance of a crucial control panel that runs equipment needed to be in production for 24hrs. We quarterly do thermal imaging surveys, Repair and maintain this Control panel, We build and recommend spares packages to have that essential spare on site in the event of a breakdown.

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